Easy Ways to Check Vehicle Registration Details


You might see a vehicle brushing rashly against someone. Even if you have managed to note the registration number of the car, you do not have access to immediate recourse to know the vehicle registration details or other details of the driver or the vehicle. Eventually, you might visit RTO and go through a lot of documents and later on get the bike registration details that you were searching for. But time has changed. The internet and web-based services have completely changed the way details of a bike or car people used to obtain a few years ago. Now, all information is just a few clicks away. You just need to know the process.

Check vehicle registration details

To know the bike information details, you have to visit the website that offers this information. You have to click on the know your bike details. Thereafter, you have to enter the registration details on the search vehicle option. You shall find all relevant details and information regarding the vehicle registered at the Regional Transport Office.

Subsequently, you can view the complete bike owner information related to the registration number provided by you. Besides the car owner details, you can access the vehicle model, make, city, registration date, and the number of owners it has, and much more information.

Get vehicle registration details through the online portal

It does not take a lot of effort to check the car owner’s information online. Previously, one has to find out this information through text message services. However, the SMS-based services have been replaced through online portals, wherein you can check bike registration details.

In the initial step, you have to visit the online portal. You need to enter the registration number and click on the Status report and proceed.

Need for bike registration details

Besides catching offenders, knowing the details of vehicle registration is a helpful tool for various reasons. If you find out that your vehicle documents have been left at home and in case the police want to see the documents, you can use the online portal to prove that your car belongs to you. This is a technologically advanced way to carry the vehicle-related documents along with you.

You can use this online portal when you move your car from state to another state. Earlier, it was compulsory to have a No Objection Certificate when you moved your vehicle to a different state. As RTO has all the information in the databases, you do not have to carry a NOC. Most of the regional RTOs are now integrated through the online portal easing the job of accessing information effortlessly.

As online portals are providing vehicle registration details and vehicle owner’s name, you cannot hide anything from the law. So, if you want trace vehicle registration details, online portals are the best option. It will provide you with all the necessary details that you need or the police require. Getting the information and details of the vehicles is becoming increasingly easy due to technological advancements. You can receive these details through SMSs also.

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