How to Protect Car in Monsoon Rainy Season


The rainy season has started. Flood-like conditions have occurred in many areas of the country. In such a situation, if you drive a car during the rainy season, then you must keep some things inside your car. Actually, it is very common to have a car shut down or a battery malfunction during rain, But imagine-

what would you do if your car broke down in a remote area?

So today here we are going to tell you about those four important salons which can be of great use to you if the car gets damaged in the rainy season. However, many people often ignore them, causing them to regret it later. to here is tips of protect car in monsoon rainy season.

Tow Chain –

In the rainy season, there can be many types of malfunctions in trains. In such a situation, keep a tow chain inside your car. This is because if your car breaks down, or gets stuck somewhere, the rope is most needed at the time of pulling. Especially when you are living in remote areas.

tow chain

Power Bank and USB –

During long journey it is necessary that you have USB or Power bank, so that your mobile does not face charging problems. In fact, it is often seen that when people get out of their mobiles for help when the car gets damaged, it remains discharged. In such a situation, in the rainy season this negligence can put you in some big trouble.

powerbank and usb

Medical Kit –

Do keep a medical kit in your car. Apart from this, also check if any medicine kept in the kit has expired. Apart from this, if you have asthma, blood pressure or diabetes, then keep the medicines related to it in your car.

medical kit

Tools Kit –

Never forget to keep, a tool kit in your car. It helps in emergency situations; it’s helps to change tires and engine related parts.

tool kit

Jumper Cable –

Jumper cable is an electric wire which used in vehicles. It helps to jump start a car in rainy season whenever your car battery in dead condition.

jumper  cable

Emergency Food

In the rainy season anytime your car could be off. So always be aware of these situations and keep some packet food to survive at least 48 to 72 hours.


Water bottles

2-3 water bottles have always should be store in the car. because Water protect you in the condition of dehydration.

water bottle

These are the tips hoe to protect car in monsoon rainy season .

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