Top 5 Low Maintenance Cars in India 2021


Before buying a car, every customer has a question related to its maintenance. Most of the Indian customers are looking for a car that is economical and low cost. Maintenance cost of the car includes expenses such as engine oil, oil filter, spark plug, fuel filter, element balancing and labor charge. People in India also keep in mind low maintenance cars while buying a car. People prefer vehicles with low maintenance cost. Today, we are telling about those cars priced below Rs 7 lakh, which also have low maintenance cars cost. Come read about them-

Tata Nano-

Apart from being the cheapest car in the country, maintenance cost of Tata Nano is also very low. 20 thousand km to customers with the car. Or up to 24 months free service is also provided. First year or 10 thousand km. Till this car gets service for 1000 rupees. However, in the second and third year, this expenditure becomes 2500 and 3000.

Tata nano

Tata Nano All Variants Ex Showroom Price

Variants Fuel Type/ TransmissionEx Showroom Price
CNG emax CXCNG | Manual240000
CNG emax LXCNG | Manual265000
CXPetrol | Manual205000
LXPetrol | Manual231000
Twist XEPetrol | Manual213000
Twist XTPetrol | Manual250000
XMCNG | Manual297000

Maruti Alto 800-

In the Indian family, Maruti Suzuki Alto is most preferred because this car is cheap and its maintenance is also very low. The Alto 800 is priced from Rs 2.46 lakh to Rs 3.72 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Three services of Alto 800 is three times free. The fourth and fifth service of Alto 800 will cost 3200 rupees and 2400 rupees.

Maruti Alto 800

Alto 800 All Variants Ex Showroom Price

VariantsFuel Type/ Transmission Ex Showroom Price
Alto 800 STDPetrol | Manual294000
Alto 800 STD OptPetrol | Manual299000
Alto 800 LXIPetrol | Manual352000
Alto 800 LXI OptPetrol | Manual357000
Alto 800 VXIPetrol | Manual376000
Alto 800 VXI PlusPetrol | Manual389000
Alto 800 LXI S-CNGCNG | Manual432000
Alto 800 LXI Opt CNCNG | Manual436000

Maruti Suzuki Swift-

3 free service are offered with Maruti Suzuki Swift. The first free service is available in 1000 km or 1 month. The second service is available in 5000 km or 6 months and the third service in 10,000 km or 12 months. In this, engine oil, oil filter and air filter are replaced. The first-Year maintenance cost of Swift is Rs 2100, the second year is Rs 4200 and the third year is Rs 3300.

maruti swift

Swift All Variants Ex Showroom Price

Variants Fuel Type/ Transmission Ex Showroom Price
Swift LXIPetrol | Manual519000
Swift VXIPetrol | Manual619000
Swift AMT VXIPetrol | Automatic666000
Swift ZXIPetrol | Manual678000
Swift AMT ZXIPetrol | Automatic725000
Swift ZXI PlusPetrol | Manual758000
Swift AMT ZXI PlusPetrol | Manual802000

Datsun redi-GO-

This vehicle comes with 800 CC and 1000 CC engine options. Its price starts at Rs 2.39 lakh. The first 7 services of this car cost from 17 thousand to 18 thousand rupees.

datsun redi-go

Redi-GO All Variants Ex Showroom Price

Variants Fuel Type/ Transmission Ex Showroom Price
Redi-GO D Bs6 Petrol | Manual 283000
Redi-GO A Bs6 Petrol | Manual 358000
Redi-GO T Bs6 Petrol | Manual 380000
Redi-GO T(o) Bs6 Petrol | Manual 416000
Redi-GO 1.0T(o) Bs6 Petrol | Manual 444000
Redi-GO 1.0T(o)Amt Petrol | Manual 477000

Hyundai Grand i10-

Korean car maker Hyundai company has the highest sales of cars in India. This brand is also famous for its low-cost cars. The company’s Grand i10 is at the forefront of this matter. The company offers three labor free services with the Grand i10. It is used 2000 km or 2 months, 10 thousand km. Or 1 year and 20 thousand km. Or can be done at 24 months. The cost of the third and fourth service is about 3000 rupees. The average of 6-year maintenance expenses comes to around 14 thousand rupees.

Grand I10

Grand i 10 All Variants Ex Showroom Price

Variants Fuel Type/ Transmission Ex Showroom Price
Magna 1.2 Petrol | Manual 605000
Sportz 1.2 Petrol | Manual 639000
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